Acas launches timely new guidelines on employment status

In the wake of numerous controversies and legal cases involving major companies such as Uber and their workers, Acas, workplace expert, has published new and updated guidance on the gig economy and employment status rights. The guidance aims to help both employers and employees understand the modern workplace, its different types of employment arrangements and their legal entitlements.


Head of Guidance at Acas, Stewart Gee, commented on the change in how many people are now working, focusing particularly on the ‘gig economy’:


"Many businesses and their staff may not realise that a working person's employment rights very much depends on their status. A person who is self-employed or defined as a worker is likely to have different legal rights to someone else who is considered an employee.


"We know that people find this a confusing area of the law so we have updated our advice to provide some clarity on the various different types of ways that people can work and the employment rights that they are entitled to."


The guidance cover the three types of employment status: employee, worker and self-employed. Employment rights for both employees and workers cover basic entitlements such as national minimum wage, holiday pay and protection against unlawful discriminations. However employees have the additional rights to things such as maternity and paternity pay and itemised pay slips.


The new guidance has a bigger focus on those who are self-employed and umbrella companies who often act as an employer to contractors. The revised guidance details the key features of the three way relationship between the worker, the umbrella company and the client.


Acas’s employment status advice also covers issues such as the zero hour contracts, agency working, volunteering and internships.


If you have any questions and concerns about employment status and wish to talk to an employment expert about your rights. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at First Call HR who can provide support, advice and guidance tailored to suit your individual business requirements.