Employment Documents

At First Call HR, we provide employment documents that are legally binding, governed by English law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. The documents have been drafted by HR professionals and are regularly updated to reflect changes in the law. Examples of the documents we offer include:

  • Employment contracts - It is a legal requirement to issue an employee a written statement of the terms and conditions of their employment within 8 weeks of their start date. We offer; apprenticeship contracts, casual and seasonal worker contracts, contracts for services, contracts for employment, fixed-term contracts, part time contracts and zero-hours contracts.
  • Employee handbooks - No matter what your business does, as long as you have employees, you need an employee handbook.  Formally documenting your policies in an employee handbook will eliminate confusion and could keep you out of court. We offer employee handbooks specific to your company and its policies. 
  • Employee policies - Introducing HR policies and procedures enables companies to develop a fair and consistent approach to managing their staff. Not all policies will be relevant to all companies. Some may be needed to comply with legal requirements: for example, employers are required to issue disciplinary and grievance policies to all employees. Others are needed to promote good practice within the company. We offer a vast number of legally compliant, up-to-date employee policies from disciplinary and corporate social responsibility policies, through to health and safety. These will all be branded, version controlled and designed to reflect your business' organisational structure as well as referring to your business, making them completely bespoke.



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