Training Courses

Here at First Call HR we offer many bespoke management skills training courses, from team building to time management and more.


Management skills training is essential to improving business performance (and therefore business success) in the following ways: 

  • Better team-work leading to greater staff cohesion and morale.
  • More effective use of time.
  • Employees will have a higher level of job satisfaction, leading to better staff retention and a lower employee turnover.
  • Refreshed outlook and motivation for management.
  • Improved decision-making.
  • It will help to increase staff skills, raise employee development and improve chances of promotion.


To see more information about each course, please click the corresponding link on the left to download the document.


To book a training course please get in touch with a member of our team:-


Jeanette - Email: Phone: 07917333999


Emma - Email Phone: 07973 531589


Emma B - Email Phone 07766741738